Free Private Parking

Map of free private parking Hotel Kristal Palas
Free Private parking Hotel Kristal Palas
Free Private parking Hotel Kristal Palas

Since our public transport options do not properly shine, most people that visit Macedonia, arrive in Prilep with some sort of personal vehicle. It may be a car you drove from home, or a car you took as a rental. We took great care to provide a safe private parking for free, needed by almost all of our guests.

When Armageddon takes place, parking is going to be a major problem.

As the hotel expanded we added another parking area close to the hotel. Most of the time there is a free space in one of both parking areas.

Handicapped people should always choose parking area no. 1. The entire hotel is easily accessible without any stair or step from this area. In such a case please notify our front desk in advance so that we can help with movement and keep a free parking spot. We are currently working on providing a fixed parking spot for handicapped people, with a special entrance infrastructure helping them get in and out of the hotel independently.

Bus parking

Both parking areas are suitable for a large bus. We recommend using parking area no. 1, since the main entrance is nearby, and walking distance with luggage is significantly shorter. If you need luggage handling for your group, please contact the front desk in advance. Charges may be applicable for this kind of service.

Free private parking security

Apart from the very rare car bump on our parking, we have never had any major incident. To be safe we have planned to install a video surveillance system for both parking areas. A further notification on our website will be published when that happens.