The hotel is 1.2 - 1.4 km. (depending on the route) far from the most central spot of Prilep. It takes 4 min. by car or 15 min. walking. The beginning of the central area is only 650 m. far from our hotel, which takes about 8 min. walking.
Breakfast is included with every reservation for almost every room type. Breakfast is ONLY excluded for reservation of long stay apartments, which are bookable for a minimum of 30 days. Otherwise there is no optional price with breakfast excluded.
Our hotel does not have a swimming pool or SPA center that is open for guests. This was the case about 5 years ago, but it is closed for everybody since then. As an area the swimming pool still exists, but the area is now rented only for private parties. Currently we have plans in motion to renovate that area, and the swimming pool will be completely removed. For now we have no plans to offer swimming pool.
We have two private parking areas. For the past 20 years we have never had any major incident, apart from a car scratch on our parkings. For added security we are currently in the process of installing sophisticated video surveillance. Read more here.
The entire area of the hotel is covered by air-conditioning, including restaurants, rooms and other public areas. Air-conditioning is central, and it can be individually controlled in every room.
Smoking is prohibited in the entire area of the hotel, including the rooms. We reserve the right to penalise guests smoking in the rooms. Guests who are smokers should book rooms with balcony. There is also a terrace with hard roof where you can order food and drinks and there smoking is also allowed.
You would be surprised by the number of tourist attractions that you can visit in Prilep. You can get a comprehensive list of the attractions here. You can expect that most of the places are easy to visit, travel to, and that most of the museums will be open. If you want to make an appointment for a specific place and a date, please contact our front desk.
Our restaurant and kitchen work from 07:00 in the morning until 22:00 in the evening, every day. From 07:00 until 10:00 they are not open for guests, that are not staying in our hotel. During that period they work only for the buffet breakfast for our room guests. After 10:00 they open for the general public. Read more here.
We have subscription at a local cable TV provider, with plenty of sports choice, for our enthusiast local sports fans. A comprehensive list of the available channels is available here. We are working the cable company to provide an updated list in English language for our foreign visitors to check before coming to our hotel. For now if possible use the Google auto translate feature available in Google Chrome to navigate the web page.