Buffet Breakfast

Rich Buffet Breakfast
Rich Buffet Breakfast
Rich Buffet Breakfast
Rich Buffet Breakfast

Whenever you book a room in our hotel it always includes rich buffet breakfast. Please note that the long stay apartments are exception to this rule.

One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast.

Breakfast is available from 07:00 until 10:00 every day. If you are the early bird you can notify our front desk and we will set it up for you even sooner.

Buffet Breakfast Content

Our buffet breakfast apart from the usual choices features a lot of complementary traditional food items. You can expect to find home made buns, some local pie, ajvar, wide variety of fruits depending on the season, pudding, some home made sweet pastries, locally produced jam and even a nice hot soup if that is how you want to start the day.

You can also have some free coffee from a nearby coffee machine, which serves excellent varieties from the brand Nestle. A Macedonian coffee is also an option. Additionally you can have some apple juice, orange juice or peach juice. Milk or yogurt are also an option, included in the buffet breakfast

Guests that haven't booked a room with us, or have a variety of booking that doesn't include breakfast can join the buffet breakfast for the price of 4.00 €

What if I missed breakfast?

Life is not simple. It happens that you are too tired to wake up early in the morning. If you know in advance that you might oversleep, you can notify the front desk and we'll keep the buffet table for a bit later. Should that happen by mistake we still got you covered. We have plenty of breakfast options in our a-la-carte menu, such as:

Breakfast Item Price
Custom Omelette 2.28 €
villager's Omelette 2.93 €
Chicken or beef Soup 0.81 €
Club Sandwitch 2.28 €
Ragu 2.28 €
Continental Breakfast 2.44 €