Reopening hotel after major Covid 19 crisis

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The Covid 19 crisis closed down anything related to tourism and so it did with our hotel. But the worst is hopefully over and we are ready to slowly rebuild our lives and workplaces. 

Therefore we want to make this short announcements that, starting from 04.05.2020 we will start accepting reservations for our rooms. The restaurant will be closed as mandated by our authorities until we are free to reopen. The ban on events still remains in force, meaning that only our hotel rooms can start working for now. We are aware that borders are still shut and that foreigners cannot come into Macedonia, but there is a trickle of interest from domestic guests, and we are able to serve them in a safe manner.

The coming months, possibly well over a year, will be especially hard for us, since many revenue streams, coming from all kinds of F&B services and events will still be closed for us. We will be trying only to survive in the coming months.

The measures implemented when the pandemic started, will still be in place and contact with employees will be minimal. Breakfast will still be available, but will be limited to pastries and other small food items that will be placed in the guest room the day before. 

We will notify you when we are able and ready to reopen other parts of our hotel in the coming weeks. Thank you for your loyalty and for cooperation with our Hotel Kristal Palas all these years.