New business center coming soon

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Business Center Layout

Three meeting areas layout, with one large and two smaller ones

Business Center Layout
Business Center Layout
Business Center Layout
View from terrace

We are proud to announce our first major undertaking this year. We are about to start some reconstruction that should result in the most modern modular business center in the country. 

The area that we chose for this undertaking is the former swimming pool area on top of our hotel. This location offers some spectacular views. Your business events will now be enjoyable too :) 

Let's get into the specifics. What can you expect from our business center?

  1. Suitable meeting rooms from even the smallest group of 5 people, up to 200 people when the whole area is one big conference hall;
  2. Bar with a person constantly there to fuel up your participants;
  3. A large terrace with a spectacular view of Prilep; 
  4. Common seating area for relaxation;
  5. Soft floor everywhere;
  6. Modern equipment to support your events;
  7. Enterprise Wi-Fi connection;
  8. Special menus to suit every need;
  9. And much more

When can you expect to see the business center ready?

We are at some 90% of our planning stages. Construction activities start at the beginning of November. If everything is OK, we should finish with reconstruction at the end of the year. Since some more advanced equipment is needed to make this work, we won't commit to a specific date, since sourcing such equipment might prove to be challenging. We will do our best to have this ready for the first events around springtime 2020. 

Until then stay tuned to get more information on the flow of this project.