Wi-Fi Upgrade

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Unifi AP AC LR

Our Hotel Kristal Palas has been keeping up to date with internet availability since the very beginning. One of the first connections available for our guests was a dial-up connection from the room, back in 2002. It was a paid Internet and used only by those who needed it for their work. In 2005, we introduced the first Wi-Fi connection of the b/g type. It was available only in certain areas and it was a pay-to-use model. Since then, our Wi-Fi connection evolved into a service that you can rely on. 

The latest upgrade was obvious as soon as we looked at the increase of data being consumed by our guests. Most of the bandwidth went towards YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram, and our old N access points began to struggle. We introduced measures like QoS to improve the stability of key services like VoIP calls. Since it was obvious that data consumption would rise, we decided to upgrade the entire network and go to the next level.

We invested in 15 Unifi long-range access points with AC WiFi type. They replaced our old Unifi Access Points. Each of them can fully utilize the Internet connection with a speed of 200/100 Mbit/s.

Next level Wi-Fi upgrade

Looking into the future, there is one very new Wi-Fi standard, that is not implemented even into the newest smartphones and laptops yet. We couldn't resist and also bought two Unifi HD access points of the HD Wi-Fi type for areas that are designed to fit up to 300 people. These devices have practical speeds of 1Gbit/s and will provide stability for any type of live streaming from business events. 

Through this process, we also made an upgrade to our network and now we feature an enterprise-grade router. This means improved security for the devices on our network. It also means that we can accommodate some special business events that require some custom networking setup

Remaining work for the future

Since the Wi-Fi is becoming ever denser, so that it can carry more data, it loses the ability to go through walls. We will have to look into installing a dedicated Wi-Fi access point into every room for the best experience. 

One thing is certain. As the needs of our guests evolve together with the technology, we are determined to follow them, invest and provide everything necessary for convenience and business.